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About Alliance Pipes and Fittings

Industrial Fittings Manufacturers

Alliance Pipes & Fittings is in the business for 18 years now and we have served a large customer base. Our products include carbon steel flanges and fittings, stainless steel, alloy steel, duplex and other metallic flanges and fittings. We supply flanges and fittings in different sizes and shapes for Industrial Pipe Fittings for Oil and Gas Industry. The high temperature services require high grade and quality fittings. We deploy the best and latest technology to manufacture these piping components. There are forged and drawn flanges manufactured in our facility and transported to different warehouses and sales centers. We manufacture different types of flanges such as the orifice flanges, ring type joint flanges, slip on flanges, buttweld flanges, neck weld flanges and others. Our production includes fittings and Industrial Flanges for Petrochemicals.

The range of flanges used for petrochemicals have to be dimensionally accurate and we manufacture the components through welded, seamless, fabricated and hot rolled procedures. The competition was high and through high quality and satisfactory customer service that we came to be one of the leading companies. We have higher manufacturing capacity that can take any size of orders and can produce and deliver any type of flanges or fittings for all different industrial applications. The Company based in Mumbai, Maharashtra has since grown into being one of the leaders in the market. We have employed highly skilled and experienced staff in handling, processing, marketing, sales and customer service areas. It takes expertise to receive customer queries and follow through the post-delivery services and to satisfy the customers. Our customers have industries ranging from water pipe lining to high sensitive chemical industries.


Alliance Pipes & Fittings was Established in year 2002 as a new addition to flange and fittings manufacturers in India.

We have collaborated with many clients and stake holders all over the world in the past years with success stories.

Pipe Fittings and Flanges

We have the Factory located at Rakhial, Ahmedabad, Gujarat and we supply to anywhere needed. The location of the factory enables us for transportation of goods to long ranges with ease. Our production capacity is high and we have manufactured for some of the largest clients out there. Our product quality is also high and all our flanges and fittings are tested according to international standards. The production, quality control and packaging are all done in house. We have a factory that accommodate all the needed space, machinery and staff in a Factory Area of 30000 Sq ft. The infrastructure enables us to beat the numbers in production. In addition to the factory and production facilities, we also have good storage capacity so that flanges and fittings that are ordered in smaller quantities could start shipping right away. The bulk orders can start processing as soon as the order confirmation is reached. In addition to the standard types and sizes of fittings and flanges, we also take custom orders for custom made flanges and fittings. There are custom made components made up of austenitic stainless, martensitic, incoloy, cupronickel and carbon steel material and we supply them all in customized attributes. To achieve all these, we have a high end machine pool operated, maintained and cooperated with 150 total workers in the factory alone. This high man power enables us in the production, packaging, transportation and storage of huge orders as well as multiple numbers of smaller orders. Please feel free to contact us with any queries you have about the products, services or the company and we will satisfy your requirements.